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Clinch Fighting in UFC 3

Clinch fighting is one of the basic elements of MMA. Learn how to use this tactic to maximum advantage in EA SPORTS UFC 3.


Want to take your fighting to the next level? Learning how to clinch can help you as you aim to become the G.O.A.T. in EA SPORTS UFC 3. Below, we'll take you through the clinch and show you how to use it. 

What Is a Clinch?

A clinch is grappling at close quarters. Getting your opponent into a clinch is a great way to deal large amounts of damage quickly. Clinches are especially useful for boxers, who thrive at close range where they can use powerful full-arm strikes with fists and elbows. 

Why Should I Use a Clinch?

There are risks associated with going for a clinch, mainly because it also puts you in danger of being clinched by your opponent. You risk being taken down, submitted, or become, if you're in a Thai clinch, susceptible to taking heavy damage. 

These risks are often worth taking, because the benefit of successfully clinching your opponent is quite high. While holding your opponent in a clinch, you have an opportunity to deal heavy damage and either take your opponent to the mat or submit them to finish the fight.

It's also worse noting that having your back to the cage is always worse when you're in a clinch. 

What Are The Different Types of Clinches?

There are a few different clinches you can find yourself in while engaged with an opponent. Here they are in the order of most to least dangerous:

  • Thai clinch
  • Back clinch
  • Double unders
  • Over under
  • Single collar

How Do I Use a Clinch In a Fight?

To get into a clinch, use the following button combinations: LT+ RS up or LT + RS down. To get out of a clinch, use the following button combinations: RS up.

To see more combos, check out the full EA SPORTS UFC 3 combo list.

How Do I Go From a Clinch To Ground Fighting?

LT brings up the takedown options while in a clinch, then use RS to select an option on the HUD. Release LT to confirm your selection. 

View the ground and grappling controls for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to learn more. 

How Do I Defend Against a Clinch?

Similar to ground fighting, focus on defending yourself and building up a grapple advantage or stamina advantage by taking your time and carefully planning your moves. 

Defending yourself in a clinch, use the same blocking controls from stand-up fighting — with one important exception. Use a low block to defend against knee attacks to the head and body while in a Thai clinch. See the full stand-up game controls.

Want to get even deeper? Check out all of the different ways you can play EA SPORTS UFC 3.

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