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Gameplay Update #10

New animations and multiple tuning changes highlight the latest additions.



Gameplay Update #10 has arrived! Once again, we have additions that includes a fighter we were lucky enough to have join us at EA Vancouver for a mocap shoot. In addition to providing the motion capture for all the cage knockdown animations and the active knockdown recovery animations for the last few updates, Alex Hernandez did a full RPM mocap shoot where we captured his unique movement and strikes.

He has now been added to the game, and we’re really excited to see his signature animations in action.


In addition to the new fighters, there are three gameplay tuning changes worth calling out. First off, we’ve added several grappling transitions that lead to and from various cage clinch positions and the single and double leg against the cage.


You’ll now be able to transition between the single and double leg positions against the cage, and attempt takedowns from single collar, double under, and the Thai clinch against the cage.


The hope is that these transitions open up cage grappling, giving players more options when attempting to get their opponent to the ground.

Next, we’ve re-worked the stamina logic when attempting a submission on your opponent. Prior to this update, there were several inconsistencies in the stamina logic based on animation length, which could cause a player who successfully initiated a submission to lose a large part of any stamina advantage they had at the time the submission was initiated.

We’ve made changes to the logic to ensure that the stamina loss during a successful submission attempt is consistent, and, more importantly, that any stamina advantage is preserved. This should make submissions more viable and provide greater payoff for timing your submission attempts to moments when you have a stamina advantage over your opponent. Finally, we’ve made further changes to the catch kick windows so that the window size scales with the move level of the kick.

For example, a level 1 roundhouse kick to the body will be easy to catch, while a level 5 roundhouse kick to the body will now be much more difficult and require considerably more precise timing to achieve.

The goal here is to make fighters with higher level kicks more dangerous, while increasing realism in the game by reducing the frequency of catch kicks.

In addition, we’ve made it impossible to catch side kicks and spinning side kicks to the body. The original intent was to make these kicks push the opponent back even if they landed on the block, while making them easy to evade with basic movement. Allowing them to be caught was an oversight that has now been corrected.

That’s it for this Gameplay Update. A smaller number of changes than others, for sure, but a significant number of new animations and some tuning that will have a big impact on the balance of the game.

Please keep the feedback coming and be sure you check out Content Update #10 to see the new fighters added to the roster.


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