UFC 3 Single Player Challenges



Learn more about EA SPORTS UFC 3 Single Player Solo Challenges and discover the different types of challenges to beat as you gain rewards and new skills.

What are Single Player Solo Challenges?

Single Player Solo Challenges are unique scenario-based tasks designed to test your skills. In them, you can earn unique in-game rewards.

How Do I Win a Single Player Solo Challenge?

To win a Single Player Solo Challenge, simply fulfill the customization requirements and beat the gameplay challenge. An example of a customization requirement could be having 80 chemistry, 3 silver items, all kick items, etc.

What Different Types of Challenges Are There? 

There are a variety of different solo challenges. For example, one could be to land 30 kicks without missing 10, or not getting punched in the body more than 10 times.

Most challenges will have a Normal, Hard, and Insane difficulty variant.

How Can You Use Solo Challenges to Your Advantage? 

Solo Challenges are great for trying new things and practicing against a difficult scenario, while also earning great rewards.

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