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All About UFC 3 Ultimate Team Sets

Sets can help you build your squad in Ultimate Team.



In Ultimate Team, you can create a dream squad of fighters and own the Octagon. Knowing more about sets will help you on your path to Ultimate Team domination. 

What Are EA SPORTS UFC 3 Ultimate Team Sets?

UFC 3 Ultimate Team Sets are a thematic collection of Ultimate Team items that, once complete, rewards you with new cards. Every trade gets you one step closer to being in complete Octagon control.

What Types of Sets Are There?

Currently, there are two different Ultimate Team Sets available. They are:

Champion Sets: To complete a Champion set, you will need a Gold tier fighter item of all the fighters that the specific champ has beaten. Your reward for completing a Champion set is an Elite tier fighter item that cannot be found in packs.

Crafting Sets: This is the main place where players can get the Wildcard Token, which can be used to replace any item towards completing a set – even Champion Sets! To complete, trade in sets of same-tiered items (example: 1 Silver fighter, 1 Silver move, 1 Silver boost, 1 Silver contract, and 1 Silver perk) to earn crafting tokens. Some tokens can be earned from single player solo challenges. Your reward for completing a Crafting Set is various tokens or specific types of items (examples include Gold fighter, CAF item, Gold moves, Gold contracts, Gold perks, etc).

How Can I Earn Tokens?

You can earn tokens from Daily Objectives, Solo Challenges, and completing sets.

How Do I Win a Single Player Solo Challenge?

To win a Single Player Solo Challenge, simply fulfill the customization requirements (such as 80 chemistry, 3 Silver items, all kick items, etc.) and then beat the gameplay challenge (as examples, land 30 kicks without missing 10 or do not get hit in the body by a punch more than 10 times). Most challenges will have Normal, Hard, and Insane difficulty variants.

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