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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 28, 2011

Add Your Words To The World’s Longest Fan Scarf

Cheer, yell, holler, and crochet. FIFA 12 is knitting up the world’s longest fan scarf, and they’re asking you to add your words to the weave.

Claim a place for your club by sharing your cheer on Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter, complete your tweet to @EASPORTSFIFA with #FIFA12SCARF, then add a second hashtag for your club (i.e. #ARSENAL) and the color you want your section of scarf to be (i.e. #RED). On Facebook, simply “Like” EASPORTSFIFA and leave your message in the comments.

When it comes to knitting the world’s largest fan scarf, there’s only one rule to follow: Keep it positive. Since everyone has to share the scarf, foul play will get you instantly expelled. Just ask these fine FIFA players, who picked up their knitting needles in the spirit of good sportsmanship:

Get even more info on the world’s largest fan scarf at fifa12scarf.com. And if you haven’t picked up your copy of FIFA 12, hit up the Origin store and get one today.