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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 1, 2011

Rooney And Piqué Star In FIFA 12 Christmas Ad

What do you get a world-class soccer player for Christmas? Not a puppy, apparently. In fact, judging by Piqué’s betrayed look in today’s FIFA 12 video, you’d better avoid socks as well.

Cahill, Wilshere, Piqué, Kaká, and Rooney all make appearances in today's video from EA Sports, each talking about what they want (but mostly what they don’t want) for Christmas. Watch the full clip below for a laugh – and an outstanding guide to what not to buy this holiday season.

We know. What you really want for Christmas is a “Kaká’s Greatest Banjo Hits” CD – and we’d love to listen to it at the family barbie. But until he can pull off “Dueling Banjos," you might want to stick to FIFA 12. It’s a pretty solid stocking stuffer.

Give the gift of the ball today.