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POSTED BY Inka Vikman ON May 30, 2013


Battlefield is full of moments like this. Some humiliating, some incredible, all of them unique. In this weekly series, I'll showcase three of my favourite videos from the community split into three categories; Skills for stunts, moments & close misses, Kills for jaw-dropping one-man rampages and Thrills for seat-switching, C4 trolling, long-range sniping awesomeness.

This week, TwoAwesomeGamers remix one of the best Triple Kills you ever did see, NobleIIChickeN makes a comeback, and a WovnHD End Game montage with some incredible feats of bravery (and a few familiar faces!).

SKILLS  – NobleIIChickeN – The Return

I'm dropping this one in the Skills category purely because of the tank takedown towards the end here. It follows an awesome kill streak, a charge at the tank (before realising that claymores won't help in this situation), and a kit-swap. Along with a bunch of other really cool runs. I think you'll enjoy this one.

KILLS – TwoAwesomeGamers – Rare Moments

I love watching the TAG guys play. I watched them play Farming Simulator for 20 minutes straight. Seriously, not even kidding. They put up a 9-dd minute BF3 vid a while ago, and these two bits blew me away the most. It kicks off with an unbelieveable triple kill, and the World's greatest reaction.

THRILLS – WovnHD – The Human Anti-Aircraft

Wovn is an incredible player. He's like the Wizard of BF3. The Wizard. Anyone? It was a 80's movie about Video games... No? Oh. Uh... In that case, watch the video. Then go to your local VHS Rental Facility, and grab a copy of the Wizard. What? VHS? SERIOUSLY? COME ON?!

Also, one last thing... I seem to have found a Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset in my cupboard. Perhaps I should give that away? While I'm thinking about the best way to do it, make sure you're getting your videos in to me!

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Jess 'Jiggsy' Hodgson, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Games Label

As the APAC Community Manager for EA's Games Label, Jiggsy spends most of his time being shot in the face by people a lot better at Battlefield than him. Behind the wheel of a car he can do the Kessel run in under 12-Parsecs. He's just as dangerous with a sword as he is with an Omni-Blade, find out what he had on his sandwich by following @EA_Jiggsy on Twitter.

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