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POSTED BY ON Nov 14, 2011

Unlock the Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3 for Need for Speed The Run

If you've played either Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED, Need for Speed World or Need for Speed Undercover, you are eligible to unlock the Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3 in Need for Speed The Run!

To redeem your reward, after launching Need for Speed The Run:
1. Sign into Autolog with the same EA account you played previous NFS titles with.
2. Go to EXTRAS.
4. You have unlocked your new car!


Here's more about the Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3

If you’ve spent any time on NeedforSpeed.com or Speedhunters.com over the past year, you’ll know all about the BMW Z4 GT3, Team Need for Speed’s entry on the FIA GT3 European Championship series, piloted by Patrick Soderlund and Edward Sandstrom. In SHIFT 2 Unleashed, the Z4 GT3 appears as one of eight ‘Rival Cars’ throughout your career.

Car Stats:
Engine Specifications: 4-liter V8
Horsepower: 480
Torque: 369 lb/ft.
0-60 mph: 3.43s
Top Speed: 171 mph

Need for Speed The Run is in stores November 17th (Australia) and 18th (New Zealand). Find out more about the game here.