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Face of Starman, Andrew Stone, immortalised as a Sim. POSTED BY Alain Quinto ON Jun 4, 2010

Ambition Leads To Global Success As Starman Immortalised As Sim

Pineapple Dance Studios phenomenon and face of Starman, Andrew Stone, has been immortalised as a Sim and will be available to download globally via The Sims 3 Exchange.

Seen as the embodiment of ambition and determination, the creators of The Sims have decided to catapult Andrew to global stardom ahead of the release of The Sims 3 Ambitions. For ambitious Andrew this marks another milestone on his meteoric rise to success and will open him up to a fan base of millions across the world.

Simified music videos, songs in Simlish and a new global fanbase will be just some of the next steps in his career; ultimately turning a life-long dream into reality. With a new album, iphone apps, countless TV performances and the Pineapple series about to hit the US, there seems to be no stopping Starman’s global domination as he follows in the footsteps of previously Simified singing sensation, Pixie Lott.

“I am so excited about this new project. I mean, Pixie Lott is a huge star so it’s a great achievement for me to be Simified like she has. I know how tough this business is and I am just so grateful that people like my music, like me and want to see more of what I have to offer.” said Andrew
There will be an exclusive webisode created with behind the scenes footage of Andrew seeing his Sim for the first time and recording his track “I don’t Wanna Dance” in Simlish.

Behind the scenes footage of Starman’s exclusive Simlish performance can be seen at:

The Sims has fulfilled Andrew’s ambitions, now you fulfil yours.