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POSTED BY Electronic Arts ON Oct 13, 2010

Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition Announced!

Celebrate the release of Dead Space 2 on January 28th, 2011, with a highly prized collection of exclusive Dead Space content.

Included in all versions of the Collector’s Edition: 

• Dead Space 2 game
• Downloadable Unitology Suit and Force Gun, providing Isaac with unique benefits when used in Dead Space 2.
• Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack on CD; features an hour of music compiled from the game's score.
• Concept art lithograph depicting Necromorph transformation by Visceral Games artist Brett Marting.

*Exclusive bonus content on Xbox 360 and PC only:
• Replica of Isaac’s trusty Plasma Cutter, modeled from the new design from Dead Space 2.

*Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 pack only:
• The critically acclaimed Dead Space Extraction.  See how it all began in the PlayStation® Move supported prequel to Dead Space, available for the first time in HD.
• Downloadable Rivet Gun for use in-game.