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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 30/01/2013

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips - Skill Improvements: Taking Corners


This week we're talking corners. Everyone has their own preferred method for taking corners but there are some fundamental factors that will increase your chances of scoring.

This year the quick corner is working for Darren. Swing the cross in as soon as the corner is awarded and press LB to select your nearest player to the incoming ball.

Try to get on the end of it and you could take your opponent by surprise while they try to organise their defence. Try hitting in-swingers to the edge of the six-yard area, then select a player and move him in front of a defender.

When playing someone new, try over-hitting your first corner. If they rush their keeper out you could end up heading or volleying the ball into an empty net. It's worth creating our own set piece from the practice arena. Press the back button to enter the menu. We'll go into more detail next week on The Boot Room.

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