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POSTED BY EA News ON Dec 19, 2012

Medal of Honor Warfighter The Hunt Map Pack Out Now


Medal of Honor Warfighter The Hunt Map Pack is available now at no extra cost with the Limited or Deluxe Editions of Medal of Honor Warfighter - explore two new maps (Chitral Compound & Darra Gun Market), 10 map/mode combinations, 6 new weapon configurations and 14 new weapon camos!

Powered By the Award-Winning Frostbite 2 Game Engine, Medal of Honor Warfighter is set to unleash innovative gameplay inspired by real warriors, real operations and real hotspots .

Step into the boots of the most elite Tier 1 Operators to hunt down terror. Danger Close™ Games, Medal of Honor Warfighter is out now. The award-winning Medal of Honor franchise has sold over 50M copies in its illustrious history, with Medal of Honor Warfighter set to deliver this year’s only true modern military shooter experience. Introducing 12 Tier 1 units from 10 different nations including the Polish GROM, German KSK, Canadian JTF-2 and U.S. Navy SEAL, Medal of Honor Warfighter will deliver one of the premier multiplayer experiences of the year. Powered by the advanced technology of the Frostbite™ 2 game engine, IGN.com says the game “looks and feels far better than its predecessor.”

Medal of Honor Warfighter available now on Origin for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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