Plants vs. Zombies™ Adventures


Make zombies part of your social life.

Go beyond your yard and discover an ever-expanding world of Plants vs. Zombies, with more plants, more zombies and new challenges. Battle zombies in town or on a Road Trip — but beware: now zombies will take any path possible to get your brains. Challenge your friends by sending zombies to invade their towns, and see where your stack of zombies ranks on the leaderboard. And with constant updates, you’ll find surprises around every corner. It’s a thrilling new way to live, grow and zap zombies!

  • Overview
    • Take a Road Trip to fight the fun-dead and unearth new zombies.
    • Meet new plants and new fun around every corner.
    • Zombies from all directions — now they take any path possible to get your brains.
    • Defeat more zombies than your friends to top the leaderboard.
    • Solar power is better than ever — use Sun to add Plant Perk and Zombie Freeze
    • Send zombies to invade your friends' towns.
    • Give Mystery Gifts to help your friends on their journeys.
  • All Platforms
    This title is rated 3+