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Can't afford the top picks from the FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week? EA SPORTS Community Manager Bowden gives you some backroom tips on where to smartly spend your transfer budget.

The different formations available in FIFA Ultimate Team allow you to set your team out to suit your playing style. The trusty left, right and central midfielders found in the common 4-4-2 are always a handy addition to your squad due to their versatility.

In this weekly blog I shine the spotlight on three IN-FORM (IF) Team of the Week (TOTW) players who maybe don’t quite get the same attention as their superstar counterparts, but can be great value for money and really improve your team. My midfield 3 this week are Ko Yo Han, Cahill and Henderson.

Ko Yo Han

IF Ko Yo Han is a shining example of a midfield all-rounder. The tiny Korean may stand at only 170cms tall, but his proficiency in both attack and defence makes him a rock-solid buy for your right side. He’s an absolute bargain at only 15,000 coins.

Tim Cahill

IF Tim Cahill is quite simply the best header of the ball available for his relatively tiny 10,000 coin price tag. The Socceroo is one of the more attacking CMs out there with 80 Shooting, 82 Passing, 77 Dribbling and of course 91 Heading. Truly THE bargain buy at the moment.

Jordan Henderson

Another quality midfield all-rounder is on offer with IF Jordan Henderson. The right-footed LM’s attributes are perfectly balanced for a dribbling-run up the flank or a cut inside onto his preferred foot. Being a top-rated 74 Silver, you’ll have to pay a premium 350,000 or so coins, so you’re best to go pack-hunting for the Englishman.


Who do you think is the best buy in this week’s TOTW? Check out the full team here and leave your comments below.

Chris Bowden, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Sports

Bowden is the Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA SPORTS. His pastimes include crying when his sports teams lose and hurling verbal abuse at his mates during FIFA nights. Keep up with his ramblings by following @EA_Bowden on Twitter.

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