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Chris Bowden


Can't afford the top picks from the FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week? EA SPORTS Community Manager Bowden gives you some backroom tips on where to smartly spend your transfer budget.

Hey guys, welcome to the very first edition of Bowden’s Bench! In this weekly blog I’ll be shining the spotlight on three IN-FORM (IF) FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week (TOTW) players who don’t quite get the same attention as their superstar counterparts.

Let's take a look at three players who can be great value for money and really improve your team. This week I’ve selected Magee, Koch and Speroni for debut honours.


The best advantage of IF Mike Magee is his switch from LM to ST, allowing you to take full advantage of his 73 Shooting. His Passing, Dribbling and Heading are 71, which make him one of the more complete strikers available. I spotted him for auction at around 85k coins.


We have a new contender for the ultimate bronze RB! Fabian Koch’s attacking attributes were always quite high for a bronze fullback, but his defensive skills have now caught up with significant increases. His Defending and Heading are up 8 points from 58 to 66 and 50 to 58 respectively. You can have him dominating your right flank for around 80k coins.


Julian Speroni is another player now right up the top of his level, having been bumped up to 74. His 80 Diving is outstanding for a silver GK, and his 79 Reflexes, up from 74, make the custodian one you’d treasure between the sticks for close-range shots and penalties. You’ll be able to pick him up for around 100k coins.

Who do you think is the best buy this week? Check out the full team for this week's FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week and leave your comments below.

Chris Bowden, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Sports

Bowden is the Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA SPORTS. His pastimes include crying when his sports teams lose and hurling verbal abuse at his mates during FIFA nights. Keep up with his ramblings by following @EA_Bowden on Twitter.

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