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Chris Bowden


Can't afford the top picks from the FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week? EA SPORTS Community Manager Bowden gives you some backroom tips on where to smartly spend your transfer budget.

Last week marked the debut selections of Bowden’s Bench and the good news is the Board has decided not to sack me!

In this weekly blog I shine the spotlight on three IN-FORM (IF) Team of the Week (TOTW) players who maybe don’t quite get the same attention as their superstar counterparts, but can be great value for money and really improve your team. I’ve gone for a pacey line-up this week, featuring Townsend, Okugo and Uchida.


Think of IF Andros Townsend as the Silver Arjen Robben. Townsend has always had high Pace and Dribbling to effectively beat his man on the wing, but a few interesting changes make his IF version a lot deadlier. The switch from LM to RM and the 5-point increase in Shooting means he can cut inside and unleash deadly shots on goal using his stronger left foot. That defender will forever be in two minds whether to favour stopping a cross or shot. Consider trying your luck with a few Silver packs this week, as the cheapest I’ve seen him go for at auction is 250k coins.


It’s not often you come across a CB with 78 Pace, let alone a Bronze one! Speed isn’t all IF Amobi Okugo offers though. The American’s Defending has been raised from 64 to 68, with his Heading receiving a 5-point bump from 68 up to 73. His other big advantage is his League and Nation combination. The MLS is full of some of the fastest CBs available, meaning you’ll receive the maximum chemistry bonus when playing him alongside a similar speedy stopper. You can have him keeping those pacey forwards in check for around 200k coins.


If you like to play with your fullbacks regularly getting forward and floating in crosses, IF Atsuto Uchida should be on your radar. His 81 Passing is outstanding for a Silver RB, meaning you’re much more likely to benefit from your overlapping run up the right wing. Getting into an effective crossing position is also made easier, with the Japanese international sporting 82 Pace and 78 Dribbling. I’ve noticed his sale price varying quite a lot, but you can expect to pay around 190k coins to have him join your backline.

Who do you think is the best buy this week? Check out this week's FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week and leave your comments below.

Chris Bowden, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Sports

Bowden is the Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA SPORTS. His pastimes include crying when his sports teams lose and hurling verbal abuse at his mates during FIFA nights. Keep up with his ramblings by following @EA_Bowden on Twitter.

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