Community previews Medal of Honor Warfighter Multiplayer

Nicholas Cornelius


What’s better than gaming on a Friday night? A private Medal of Honor Warfighter LAN party hosted by EA Australia that what! And as 20 lucky members of the EA community found out, Warfighter’s multiplayer is looking like a big deal.

Twenty of EA Australia's community corps gathered at the EA office in Sydney a few weeks ago, to try their hand at multiplayer for Medal of Honor Warfighter. The buzz before the event was all about the Australian SASR in the game, as seen in the multiplayer trailer, but once the frag-fest began, many were pleasantly surprised by the depth and playability of what was essentially pre-alpha code. 

Divided into two teams (Red and Blue), players paired up to form three "fireteams" on each side. Players then chose their warfighter from the US Navy Seal, Polish GROM, Canadian JTF2, US SFOD-D, US OGA and the Australian SASR. You can read about these and the other Tier One units on our Global Warfighters page on

Playing on the Somali Pirate Town map which mixed narrow alleyways with an open 2 level courtyard, players soon found their strengths via the different Tier 1 units and their related special abilities such as UAVs, mortar strikes, chopper support and more.

Here are some of the reactions:

"Fireteam, I feel makes this multiplayer what it is. Awesome." - OXCGN

"The introduction of special abilities was a great addition for Warfighter, spicing up the gameplay. It reminds me of perks in 'the other' FPS game but kept to a minimal not overdone – which keeps a nice balance between authenticity and gameplay." - TGP

"The developers at Danger Close has also taken the Frostbite 2.0 engine to a whole new level… it almost looked better than BF3." - TGP

"From the authentic sound of the F88 Steyr shots … to the commands shouted out by the SASR … every bit of Warfighter is downright authentic." – TGP

" The most important thing I noticed while playing Medal of Honor tonight, the Australian SASR actually sound like Australians." - @GooseNstuffs (TGP)

"… even though… this was an early build of the game, the environment and game play were fantastic." – (@FurySevenSix) Mylifeasagam3r

Check out the full articles via the links below.

Thanks to everyone who attended and a shout out to our friends at Origin PCs and Razer for the equipment. We look forward to bringing you more sneak peeks and previews right here on in the near future.

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Don't forget you can get access to the Battlefield 4 Beta when you pre-order Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or the Digital Deluxe edition via Origin or our retail partners.

Until next time, game on!

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