In this week's Community Spotlight, Jiggsy catches up with a real footballer who is in the game, EA style.

[Jiggsy] First off, what do we call you?

[D10] My name is Daniel Cappellaro, but most people would know me as 'D10', one of the playable characters in FIFA Street

[J] Tell us a little about yourself.
[D] I'm 26 years old, from in Perth, WA. I'm a community development coach for Perth Glory FC, play semi-professional outdoor football in the WA State League for Western Knights. I also play Futsal for Western Australia and Fremantle Muita Calma in the SFL(State Futsal League). I've actually played Futsal around the world, in Argentina and Holland. On top of all this, I'm also a Street Footballer, and feature in EA Sports exciting new title 'FIFA STREET'.

[J] If you could only play one genre for the rest of your life, which would it be?
[D10] One genre for the rest of my life? Sports! I love my FIFA series, I've been a huge fan of FIFA nearly all of my life. I'm currently playing FIFA12 and I can't wait for FIFA13 to hit!

[J] Haha… so I guess it's gonna be pretty easy to guess your Top 5 EA Games list, then?

1. FIFA 09
2. FIFA World Cup 2010
3. EURO 2012
5. FIFA12

[J] What's the best thing about being part of the EA Community?
[D] Being able to talk to anyone and everyone, all the people within the community are very friendly!

[J] What do you think will be the best feature of FIFA 13 based on what you saw in the first gameplay trailer?
[D]The best new feature that jumped out at me from the first gameplay trailer was 'Complete Dribbling'. This feature excites me, as it's the part of FIFA I love most, razzling with the skill moves and ripping defenses apart.

[J] What is your favourite team in FIFA over the years and why?
[D] My favourite teams to use in FIFA over the years have been Barcelona, Milan and a few clubs from the Liga do Brasil! Mainly due to the number of players with 5 star skill moves in these teams.

[J] Who is your footballing inspiration and why?
[D] I have always loved players with amazing skills and tricks, so I find a lot of the Brazilian players inspiring. More recently though Lionel Messi has been the source of my inspiration, for obvious reasons. Messi's ball control and dribbling are second to none. I also find inspiration from watching some of the greats, namely Pele, George Best and Maradona.

[J] How do people find you on the inter-webs?
[D] People can find me on twitter - @d10football and through my website! Links to my facebook and youtube are on my website.

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