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For this week’s Community Spotlight, Jiggsy sat down with Daniel ‘Robeywan’ Robey, Games Editor at Guide To Awesome Living, and talked Games, the EA Community, and Pizza Boxes.

For this week’s Community Spotlight, Jiggsy sat down with Daniel ‘Robeywan’ Robey, Games Editor at Guide To Awesome Living, and talked Games, the EA Community, and Pizza Boxes.

[Jiggsy] First off, what do we call you? Daniel? Robey? Robes?
[Robeywan] You, my dear, can call me anything you want. Most people just yell out random things as I walk past, but the general consensus seems to go with 'Robey.' Not sure where they got that one from, though.

[J] Robey it is! Tell us a little about yourself.
[R] As in, 25 words or less? This better not be some kind of scam, Jiggs. I haven't signed any terms and conditions here. Nah, I'm a gamer, which is such a generic term these days, but still quite apt. I've spent years with my fingers in some kind of gaming pie, even running an Xbox Café in Sydney at one stage. I sunk countless hours of my life into Desert Strike… man, you remember those MASSIVE EA Mega Drive cartridges? Awesome. Those things were HUGE… I grew up in the era of plumbers and hedgehogs and cutesy characters becoming heroes, all against tougher opponents, often with an army of slave robot rabbits, or something. I've been privileged to see gaming move from that into a world of, massive, epic storytelling, sports simulation, to a way of learning to play instruments, and a team or squad based online battlefi- uh… battle ground. It's… It's pretty cool.

[J] So with all that in mind, what's your preferred style of game?
[R] You're killing me man… One? JUST one?

[J] Yup. If you could only play one genre for the rest of your life, which would it be?
[R] Man, that's… that's such a tricky one. I mean, I can always zone out with an FPS, but RPG's would probably be the one I'd contentedly live with. I mean, Mass Effect is a prime example… There's so much story, so much depth, and you just… get sucked into this world where you actually care what happens, and decisions have an impact… Yeah, I'll lock in RPGs, Eddie. You can't rush an RPG… so I'd have plenty of time to build up a stack of them to play through.

[J] What's the best thing about being part of the EA Community?
[R] Here in Aus, there's such a sense of belonging. You and Pidgeo (The Community Managers here) fo a great job of communicating with us, not just a marketing push, and I've had many an awesome games night with you and the rest of the community. It's such a sweet crowd of like-minded people, and there's trash talk, and teamwork, and it's just a fun time. Plus, we get to avoid the slaughter that awaits us in the open seas of the inter-webs!

[J] What's your Top 5 EA Games list look like?
[R] Dude, again with the limitations? You guys have got, what, over 1300 games? And you want me to pick five?

[J] Right again! Only five, but you don't have to rank them.
[R] Oh, well that makes it easy then (Sarcasm HEAVILY implied –Jiggsy). Geez, I'm gonna have to think about that one for a while… Okay. Well, Mass Effect is an obvious one. I heart that series so much. Fight Night: Round 3, I'm unbeatable at. I will ALWAYS accept a challenger there. I mentioned Desert Strike before, so that makes the list. Rock Band? Can I use a Franchise? Because that's one of the best party games in my life. Ooh! Party! Crash Party! Burnout! There's five! That being said, I can't wait to see what Overstrike is like, and I'm sure I'm gonna sink a few weekends into C&C Generals 2.

[J] Awesome. Lastly, how do people find you on the inter-webs?
[R] Both PSN and XBL is the same, robeywan, all one word, and I've finally succumbed to the harsh shotgun mistress that is Twitter, where I'm robey_wan, with an underscore between robey and wan, not ro-underscore-beywan. That's just silly.

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