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Join us at 6pm AEST (7pm Daylight Savings) on Wednesday 12 December as we chat to the producers of Crysis 3, SimCity and FUSE!
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Join us at 7pm Sydney time on Wednesday 12 December as we chat to the producers of Crysis 3, SimCity and FUSE!

Producers Brian Allgeier, Michael Elliot Read and Jason Haber will be answering your questions on their upcoming games for a full hour for our EA Showcase event and we'll be hosting a live-chat right here on

Click here to find out when the event is in your timezone and see who's joining us for the live-chat!

Brian Allgeier

FUSE - Creative Director - Insomniac Games

Brian Allgeier is a 21 year veteran in the games industry. He's been at Insomniac Games for the last 13 years and has served as the Lead Designer and Creative Director on the Ratchet and Clank series for the Playstation 2 and 3. He is the Creative Director on Fuse, Insomniac's first fully owned IP and multi-platform title.

Michael Elliot Read

Crysis 3 - Producer - Crytek

A native of Vancouver, Canada, Michael assumed the role of Producer on Crysis 3 in April 2012. He arrived at Crytek after five successful years with CCP Games, where he applied his diverse talents as a Live Streaming Producer, Game Master, Creative Services Production Manager and Conventions Director on titles including EVE Online, DUST 514, and World of Darkness.

Jason Haber

SimCity - Producer - Maxis

With over six years of experience at the Maxis Emeryville Studio, Jason has worked on a number of memorable titles across multiple platforms including: Spore Creature Creator, Spore Creatures, Spore Hero Arena, MicroBot and Darkspore.

Send in your questions via Facebook, in the comments below or on Twitter using the #AskCrysis. #AskFUSE and #AskSimCity hashtags to be answered on the night and join us to interact live with our producers. Be sure to tell us which game you're asking about and don't forget to leave your name!

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