Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, NBA Live, UFC | EA Update E3 2013 Summary Part 2



In the latest EA Update we give you the second and final part of our E3 2013 roundup.

In the latest EA Update we give you the second and final part of our E3 2013 roundup.

Star Wars Battlefront

A new Star Wars Battlefront game powered by Frostbite 3 has been announced by DICE, with this stunning teaser that's sure to get fans bang At At it...

Battlefield 4

DICE pulled out 64 players on stage at E3 to play Battlefield 4 live, showcasing their new levolution feature which means maps change if say, you decide to blow up a skyscraper. It was also announced Commander mode would be returning.


Titanfall has been revealed for Xbox One and PC, developed by Respawn the futuristic shooter features gaint mech suits, now who wouldn't want one of those.

NBA Live 14

NBA Live is returning with NBA Live 14, coming to next gen consoles. The game will use EA Sports new Ignite engine.


EA Sports forthcoming UFC games release date was announced as Spring 2014 UFC President Dana White told the E3 press conference 'the early stuff I've seen from the game is amazing'.

Missed out on our E3 2013 Summary part 1, watch it here.

That's all for our E3 Updates, see you next week...

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