Instant Replay #4

Jess Hodgson


Jiggsy hits the pits and takes Shift 2: Unleashed out for a spin…

The engine rumbled, impatiently. 563 angry horses rumbled away under the bonnet of my Chrome Mercedes SLS AMG. An expensive line-up of Porsches, BMW's, Aston Martins and Jags sat behind me, each as eager to start as I was.

The pit-crews and grid girls left the track, and the air was filled with a cacophonous symphony of power, as each engine revved and roared.

I adjusted my helmet, and checked the gauges on my dash. The car and I were one, both there for one reason…

To Win.

Okay, now I know that Shift 2: Unleashed isn't exactly a new game, but it's still one of my favourites. I've battled Witch Knights and Demons, revived and sniped countless troops, played golf with the pros, and even conquered mountains in the last few days, but last night?

Last night I DROVE.

When Shift 2 came out, I immediately fell in love with it. Pidgeo recommended it to me, knowing how much I love racing games, and hit the mark perfectly. It's not just a racing sim… it's got heart. And having Vaughn Gittin Jr there to coach you along the way only serves to prove that point. I still haven't quite got the hang of drifting, but I can take Miami Bayside Loop in well under a minute, have joined the 250MPH Club and there's something purely awesome about flying a worked Veyron around Mt Panorama (or Bathurst to the locals) at just shy of 400km/h, narrowly avoiding walls, and trying to avoid lift-off.

Shift 2 will always have a special place in my heart, because it's not serious and sterile. It's about driving. And there's plenty of that.

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