Need for Speed Most Wanted New DLC Packs and Iconic Cars | PWNED February 2013



Producer Chris Roberts from Criterion Games talks about the three DLC packs for Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Producer Chris Roberts from Criterion Games talks about the three DLC packs for Need for Speed Most Wanted. The Terminal Velocity pack brings with it not only new cars, but a brand new area to explore: the Hughes International Airport. Like the Power Plant, it offers players a large, open-air playground to explore, and is the biggest one in the entire game. Players can drive inside the airport and explore areas like the boarding gates, jet ways and open planes, which cars can dive in and out of.

There are five new cars, and as developers took their inspiration from the Italian Job, each of the cars in this pack are smaller, nippier cars with faster acceleration and tighter handling. As one of the main themes for Terminal Velocity is cars jumping and leaping around the airfield, the developers have added a couple of mods to enhance the experience.

Nitrous Jump - allows players to jump and then Nitrous in the air, which boosts cars forward for more airtime. Jump Nitrous also dumps coloured smoke whilst cars are in the air, making for colourful aerobatics displays when lots of cars get together.

Ram Chassis - great for multiplayer as it toughens the front of your car, allowing players to knock traffic out of the way without crashing.

A new event type, Smash and Grab, features arenas filled with score targets for players to drive into and grab. Each score is worth a different amount, and with a timer counting down, players must learn the environment to find the best route through, and race the clock to collect as many targets as they can.

The second DLC pack, Movie Legends, includes iconic cars like the Aston Martin DB5 and the Aston Martin DB, Dodge Charger and the Pontiac Firebird. The Movie Legends Most Wanted car is the Shelby GT 500.

The third DLC pack is the Need for Speed Heroes pack, which features cars from previous Need For Speed games, like the Diablo and the original cover car from Need For Speed: Most Wanted, the BMW M3. All the cars in the Need For Speed Heroes pack have multiple liveries; their original and a couple of crazy liveries that the developers have added for fun.

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