Jess 'Jiggsy' Hodgson


Our APAC Community Manager showcases the best ‘Only in Battlefield’ moments the community has to offer.

You're running. You know the chopper pilot can see you and he's out for blood. Frantically, you dive to the ground, spinning round and bringing the sights of your gun up. You barely hesitate to pull the trigger; you've done this before, you know where to aim. The gun in your hands kicks and splutters as it fires white-hot death towards him, and you've won. The blades of the chopper spin down, mirroring the heart rate of your latest victim…

It doesn't end there. Not this time. You run, flinging yourself over a railing, not paying the slightest of attention to the drop below you, and you fall. The chopper whose pilot you sent back to spawn fills your view and as the Out Of Bounds timer counts down, you reach out, grab, and take the ultimate prize for yourself; the enemy chopper is yours.

Battlefield is full of moments like this. Some humiliating, some incredible, all of them unique. In this weekly series, I'll showcase three of my favourite videos from the community, split into three categories; Skills, for stunts, moments & close misses. Kills, for jaw-dropping one-man rampages and Thrills, for seat-switching, C4 trolling, long-range sniping awesomeness.

SKILLS – LvLCap – James Bond Returns

That story I told up above? Yeah. It's this. More importantly, this seems to happen a fair bit around Damavand.

KILLS – T0mmyGFunk – Roughneck Recon

I have legitimately never thought of using a reflex sight on a Sniper Rifle. Now, I can't imagine using one any other way.

THRILLS – FluxVoidHD – Dirt Bike + C4

The idea of placing C4 on something fast, and running it into something slower before detonating it isn't anything new. Dirt Bikes mean that it's a lot more fun, and tends to get a lot more air. Most of the time.

Get your videos featured in Skills, Kills & Thrills! Post them on the EA Australia Facebook Page or tweet them to @EA_Jiggsy!

Jess 'Jiggsy' Hodgson, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Games Label

As the APAC Community Manager for EA's Games Label, Jiggsy spends most of his time being shot in the face by people a lot better at Battlefield than him. Behind the wheel of a car he can do the Kessel run in under 12-Parsecs. He's just as dangerous with a sword as he is with an Omni-Blade, find out what he had on his sandwich by following @EA_Jiggsy on Twitter.

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