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Our APAC Community Manager showcases the best ‘Only in Battlefield’ moments the community has to offer.

Battlefield is full of moments like this. Some humiliating, some incredible, all of them unique. In this weekly series, I'll showcase three of my favourite videos from the community split into three categories; Skills for stunts, moments & close misses, Kills for jaw-dropping one-man rampages and Thrills for seat-switching, C4 trolling, long-range sniping awesomeness.

This week, deathdoG gets all cross…bow (I’m sorry), AmericanWarfare showcases some drive-by Magnum-ing, and anteante97 almost does exactly what I’ve been looking for… almost.

SKILLS – AmericanWarfare – Magnum Dirtbike Sniping

I like this for a few reasons… Dirt Bikes are INCREDIBLY fun to watch, but I just love the idea of what this would look like from the victim’s point of view. I mean, there’s a bike, with only a passanger on it, gliding past and shooting you. Well played, AW… well played.

KILLS – deathdoG – XBOW Shenanigans

I haven't had anywhere near a chance to play with the XBOW yet. Every time i pick it up I seem to be reloading at the exact same time I'm being shot in the face... deathdoG, of course, is just as deadly with one as a revolver. Still, I saw at least four perfect tag-stealing ops there so maybe I'm better with a knife?

THRILLS – anteante7 – C4 dirtbike vs Chopper

I said in the intro that this video is almost what I’ve been looking for… what I created SKT for… let me explain that. I’ve seen a myriad of C4 dirtbike videos on YouTube. I’ve seen just as many BF3 SICK DIRT BIKE JUMPS BRAAAAAAAH ones too. SO HOW COME NO ONE HAS COMBINED THE TWO? Imagine this video with a slightly different outcome; the rider hits the jump, wheels up in the air. The chopper pilot notices, tries to swerve out of the way, before the rider hits the det switch and the chopper is engulfed in flames... THAT’S an ‘Only in Battlefield’ moment right there.

So let’s try something. I get people asking what kind of videos I’m looking for all the time, so why not set some assignments? Next SKT I’ll be looking for aerial dirt-bike c4 takedowns, knife kills and claymore trolling. Best three get featured!

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Jess 'Jiggsy' Hodgson, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Games Label

As the APAC Community Manager for EA's Games Label, Jiggsy spends most of his time being shot in the face by people a lot better at Battlefield than him. Behind the wheel of a car he can do the Kessel run in under 12-Parsecs. He's just as dangerous with a sword as he is with an Omni-Blade, find out what he had on his sandwich by following @EA_Jiggsy on Twitter.

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