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Our APAC Community Manager showcases the best ‘Only in Battlefield’ moments the community has to offer.

Battlefield is full of moments like this. Some humiliating, some incredible, all of them unique. In this weekly series, I'll showcase three of my favourite videos from the community split into three categories; Skills for stunts, moments & close misses, Kills for jaw-dropping one-man rampages and Thrills for seat-switching, C4 trolling, long-range sniping awesomeness.

This week, stealth earns some DICE Tags, Walt White makes a story out of some CQD gameplay, and bdurb4life shows off some of the best Armored Kill footage I've seen in a while.

SKILLS – stealth - Stealth Knife

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There's nothing more humiliating then having your tags ripped off you when you thought you were perfectly aware of your surroundings. My controller is marked with battlescars endured from many a rage fuelled 'sudden acceleration at an immovable object,' and I feel just about every one of the victims here (including a few DICE devs!) may have done the same.

KILLS – bdurb4life – The Experience

Tanks, Dropships, C4, and an MG36. These are the tools bdurb uses to take thge opposing team to school. The biggest lesson? Third-person View in a tank is a great way to keep aware of your surroundings.

THRILLS – Walt White – "Operation Domination"

Do you want to know why I love this video? Of course you do. And even if you don't, you're probably reading this anyway. One of my absolute favourite things (aside from C4 and Knife kills), is when someone takes a bunch of footage they've grabbed, looks at it and thinks "I could do something more than a montage with this... there's a story here." Of course, my other favourite thing is that this Gamertag is Breaking Bad related... so... I'm biased

Still looking for Claymore trolling, C4 dirtbike chopper take outs and (more) knife kill streaks. Get them in!

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Jess 'Jiggsy' Hodgson, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Games Label

As the APAC Community Manager for EA's Games Label, Jiggsy spends most of his time being shot in the face by people a lot better at Battlefield than him. Behind the wheel of a car he can do the Kessel run in under 12-Parsecs. He's just as dangerous with a sword as he is with an Omni-Blade, find out what he had on his sandwich by following @EA_Jiggsy on Twitter.

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