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Our APAC Community Manager showcases the best ‘Only in Battlefield’ moments the community has to offer.

Battlefield is full of moments like this. Some humiliating, some incredible, all of them unique. In this weekly series, I'll showcase three of my favourite videos from the community split into three categories; Skills for stunts, moments & close misses, Kills for jaw-dropping one-man rampages and Thrills for seat-switching, C4 trolling, long-range sniping awesomeness.

This week, we have a double C4 Special, from maxjayvious & |2usskhofTV, both of which have to be seen to be believed, ThePuckington demolishes just about everyone on the opposing team, and a GameSprout End Game montage with some incredible feats of bravery (and a few familiar faces!).

SKILLS (1) – maxjayvious - C4 vs Attack Chopper

At first I wasn't sure what was happening here. Then, at the 0.27s mark, I saw it. I don't know if the chopper pilot was going for a roadkill, or whether he simply hadn't noticed the parachuting figure OUTSIDE HIS WINDOW, but this is the perfect case of 'right place, right time,' and a perfect 'Onlyin Battlefield' moment.

SKILLS (2) – |2usskhofTV - C4 vs Helicopter

I had to include this one as well... Immediately after watching maxjayvious' Chopper takedown, I saw this co-op version play out. Just another reason I love those Dirt Bikes so much.

KILLS – ThePuckington – The Best BF3 Moment in HISTORY!

Okay, the title is a bit embellished, especially if you've been following this series (which you have, of course!), but don't let that take away from this clip in the slightest. Eighteen. 18. Eight. Teen. Kills. In a row. Metro is known for it's choke points, but rarely do you see someone go on a spree like this. Well played, Sir. Well Played.

THRILLS – GameSprout – End Game Edition 2

It's a 4.5 minute wild ride through End Game, with headshots, back-seat RPG kills, X-Bow domination, and some of the coolest things I've seen in BF to date. What more do I need to say?

Seriously though, I still haven't seen anyone hit a chopper with a C4 laden bike in the air. If you can do that, You're In! And if more than one of you do it, we'll have a special themed SKT edition. I may even give awaay something!

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Jess 'Jiggsy' Hodgson, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Games Label

As the APAC Community Manager for EA's Games Label, Jiggsy spends most of his time being shot in the face by people a lot better at Battlefield than him. Behind the wheel of a car he can do the Kessel run in under 12-Parsecs. He's just as dangerous with a sword as he is with an Omni-Blade, find out what he had on his sandwich by following @EA_Jiggsy on Twitter.

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