FIFA 13 Tips | Crossing Techniques To Score More Goals | The Boot Room 07/05/2013



This week on The Boot Room, using the left trigger in defence and attack to improve your game.

This week on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine tells Matt Cuttle about the best ways to cross the ball into the box and score a goal. To alter cross assistance, head into the Xbox 360 controller section in the Customise FIFA menu. You can set cross assistance to manual, semi or assisted.

Press X when level to the opponent's box to perform a cross. Double tap X to perform a low cross that comes into the box quicker which is useful for getting the ball to a striker quickly. Hold LB when pressing X to perform an early cross. Triple tap X to perform a ground cross, use if you have a man unmarked in the box, otherwise you risk it being intercepted by a defender.

Join us next time on The Boot Room for tips on defending crosses.

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