Weekly Web Wrap for 04/03/2013

Hayden Wright


SimCity comes to an area near you this week, we get behind the wheel with Need for all-new Speed Most Wanted DLC and we go back to school in The Sims 3: University Life.

SimCity lands in your area this week!

It's been 10 years between drinks for the series and this week sees the hotly anticipated SimCity franchise return! Lead Designer Stone Librande spoke with series creator Will Wright about his experience with SimCity in the video above and we even put the game to the test in our SimCity 6-hour Challenge in front of Sydney's Customs House last week.

Experience Real Racing 3

Drive real cars, race on real tracks and beat your friends on the go. The most realistic racing experience on mobile is out now!

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Get back in the Driver's Seat

Race, chase and explore your way through a whole new area or hit the streets in some of the series' most iconic cars in three new DLC packs.

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Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

Tiger gets an ESPN shakedown

Executive Producer Brent Nielson spoke with ESPN's Jon Robinson about the features of the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. Check out the ESPN Playbook Q&A and find out what it took to get the original 1934 Augusta National course in the game.

Get acquainted with the team from FUSE

Get the skinny on the members of Overstrike 9 team in these character trailers on Polygon.com. Meet the unstoppable Dalton Brooks, stealth master Naya Deveraux, expert sniper Jacob Kimble and powerful healer Isabelle Sinclair.

Be You Wherever You Play

A new service allowing players a single identity across gaming platforms has been developed, letting members play a game on one platform and continue playing on another. The new service will also offer cross-platform communication and might recommend new games based on your gaming habits.

That's a wrap! Join us every Monday for your EA news.

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