Weekly Web Wrap for 8/10/2012

Hayden Wright


This week Dog and Rofo push some MOHW fans through a lesson in warfighting, we get a look at some SimCity gameplay, Need for Speed Most Wanted reveals some sleek new vehicles and Mass Effect gets a free expansion to multiplayer!

Aussie Warfighters put community through their paces

Our Australian Warfighters, DOG and ROFO, give the gaming community's finest a lesson in warfighting in the final part of our Critical Intel Series.

NFS gets Classy

The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante, the Jaguar XKR and the Aston Martin V12 Vantage join Fairhaven City traffic.

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Play MOHW multiplayer now

In more Medal of Honor Warfighter news, the multiplayer beta went live last week for XBox 360! Get in quick, the beta wraps up next Monday.

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Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

Gamespot AU: Medal of Honor Warfighter interview

Gamespot AU had a chat with Kristoffer “Hoffe” Bergqvist at EB Expo this weekend about Danger Close's unique approach to Medal of Honor Warfighter. You can watch the interview on Gamespot and read our chat with Kristoffer on the Medal of Honor site.

Kotaku: Aussie team working on ME3 for WiiU

Australia-based development team, Straight Right, are porting Mass Effect 3 to the WiiU and Kotaku had a chat with their CEO, Tom Crago.

EB Expo wraps up

Sydney's Olympic Park was host to the EB Expo this weekend, featuring hands-on previews of new games, plenty of cosplay and more fun that you can poke a Wii-mote at. Although EB Expo is all wrapped up for 2012, be sure to check back for more details on the event.

That's a wrap! Join us every Monday for your EA news.

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