Weekly Web Wrap for 15/10/2012

Hayden Wright


This week we get into multiplayer with Need for Speed and Crysis 3, see the first 'Goals of the Week' in FIFA 13 and sneak a peek at the only fully-automatic handgun in Army of Two!

Get the inside line on Need for Speed multiplayer

The second episode of our Most Wanted Gameplay Feature series is up and if you're interested in how the world of Fairhaven City was made you can check out Need for Speed Insider.

Pwned: MOHW edition

The UK team goes behind enemy lines to dig up some dirt on Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Watch the episode

FIFA 13 Goals of the Week

Some amazing FIFA 13 goals are going up online, so see the best in Round 1 of Goals of the Week!

See the goals

Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

Mass Effect swag

The war for Omega ramps up for late November, so get excited with your own N7 armor as found on IGN or this awesome Reaper Replica on the Bioware Store

PlayStation Blog: New PlayStation Store and PSN maintenance this week

Sony is unveiling the new-look PlayStation Store on Wednesday but gamers can expect some down-time before the update with maintenance scheduled for Tuesday morning.

The Verge: Australia gets new price for XBox 360

Now is the perfect time to update your console as Microsoft announces the company's largest price drop on record in Australia, lowering the recommended retail price on all of their bundles by up to $150.

That's a wrap! Join us every Monday for your EA news.

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