Weekly Web Wrap for 25/02/2013

Hayden Wright


Crysis 3 is out in the world, Ocean Quigley talks SimCity with Will Wright and Mass Effect 3 gets it's final piece of single player DLC!

Crysis 3 is in stores now!

Last week saw Crysis 3 deployed all over Australia and New Zealand. Take a look at the launch trailer above and take on CELL and the Ceph in the third installment of the Crysis series.

SimCity Q&A with Will Wright

What does Will Wright think of the new SimCity? He and Ocean Quigley reveal past experiences designing SimCity and more!

Watch the Interview

Don't miss The Last Train to Cairo

Travel to back in time to Egypt to unearth powerful artifacts and wield a new and unique weapon in The Secret World's next update.

Read the preview

Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

PS4 announced at NYC press event

Gamers from across the world tuned in for the announcement of the PlayStation 4 at a Sony press event held in New York City last Thursday morning. Players got to see the new Dualshock 4 controller as Sony addressed some of the hardware inside the new console and introduced a 'share' button that integrates with social networks as you play. Though the actual console is yet to be seen, there are summaries on the PlayStation Blog and sites like Polygon.

Alien Tech in Crysis 3

IGN Editor Destin Legarie put up a video last week explaining the alien weaponry available in Crysis 3. If you're having trouble discerning the difference between a Reaper Cannon and a Bolt Sniper, check out the video on IGN.

Set the mood with the SimCity Soundtrack

Now that SimCity is almost ready for release, get in the mood by listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. A full 28 track playlist, there's more than enough SimCity to get you through to March 7!

That's a wrap! Join us every Monday for your EA news.

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