Weekly Web Wrap for 3/12/2012

Hayden Wright


This week we get a look at Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC, invite you to ask our producers anything you like in our upcoming live-chat and get your mobile gaming sorted with Autolog and FUT.

The fight for Omega has begun

Return to the world of Mass Effect as Aria joins your team to take back Omega from one of Cerberus' most accomplished and brilliant agents, General Oleg Petrovsky. Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC is available now on all platforms.

Talk to the producers of Crysis 3, FUSE and SimCity

We're flying the producers of three great games to Sydney for our EA Showcase event and you get the chance to ask them anything in our exclusive live-chat!

Jump on board

Check out the Dead Space 3

We're getting pumped for Dead Space 3 in February 2013 so we've added a whole bunch of new screenshots to the gallery. Take a look!

See the gallery

Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

WiiU launches in Australia

The Nintendo WiiU featuring the new GamePad controller hit stores last week here in Australia. If you're about to pick up your preorder or maybe shopping for the holiday season, take a look at some of the great titles available now for the new console.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath teases the return of Faith

Mirror's Edge protagonist Faith Connors' shoes can be seen high atop a building in the Markaz Monolith map available in Battlefield 3's Aftermath DLC. The DLC is available to Premium PS3 members with Premium PC & Xbox members able to play tomorrow and openly widely over the coming weeks.

IGN: Crysis 3 continues to set PC performance requirements

IGN has released details on the system specifications required to run the upcoming Crysis 3 and it continues to set the benchmarks for PC gaming.

That's a wrap! Join us every Monday for your EA news.

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