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Political Activities Disclosure

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EA engages in policy discussions and the political process where they matter to our business and customers.  We strive to help policy makers at every level of government understand our products and business.  This page describes how EA participates in public debate in the United States through direct and indirect advocacy at the federal, state and local levels.



EA carefully manages our public policy and political engagement through an internal government affairs team that reports to EA’s General Counsel.  Our political engagement is reviewed annually by the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board.


Political Contributions and Expenditures

EA does not make direct political contributions to individual candidates, parties, committees or IRS Section 527 entities or to influence the outcome of campaigns or ballot measures.  EA does not directly pay for any independent expenditure or electioneering communication as those are defined by law.  We do not have a political action committee.  If we decide, on an exception basis, to make a direct political contribution, we disclose that contribution here.


Direct Advocacy

EA’s government affairs team engages with government officials and policy makers at the federal, state and local levels on legislation, regulations, and policies that affect us.  EA also retains outside consultants to support our engagement with government officials and policy makers.

EA complies with all federal, state and local lobbying regulations that require entities and individuals who engage in public policy advocacy to register and disclose relevant expenditures.


Indirect Advocacy and Trade Association Memberships

EA belongs to trade associations that are focused on issues that affect us.  These trade associations may engage in lobbying or advocacy activities on behalf of their members.  EA’s government affairs group engages with these associations to ensure they represent EA’s core interests.  EA’s membership and participation in these associations also is reported annually to the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board.

Semiannually, EA will disclose here the portion of EA’s dues, if any, that were used for political contributions or expenditures by any trade association or similar tax-exempt organization that received at least $25,000 in dues from us during the most recently completed calendar year. An archive of these reports can be found here.


Personal Employee Political Activities

EA respects the right of its employees to participate in the political process.  Employees may engage in political activity on their personal time, as long as this activity is not on EA premises and does not use EA resources.  Employees should not use the EA name in a way that implies EA endorses a political position or use their position with EA in any manner that is coercive.  EA does not reimburse or match political contributions made by EA employees.




To learn more about our commitment to the environment, visit here.

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