EA Readies the Donkey Cannons and Prepares for War With the Launch of the RISK: Factions Game, Now Available on Facebook



Popular Hasbro Strategy Game Marches Onto Facebook With Riveting Player-Versus-Player And Seriously Funny Features

Popular Hasbro Strategy Game Marches Onto Facebook With Riveting Player-Versus-Player And Seriously Funny Features.

The first free-to-play social gaming version of the iconic strategy game brings an entirely new and innovative approach to a classic – featuring outlandish warring playable factions, offbeat humor, and unique gameplay twists reimagined for social gaming – while still honoring original gameplay features and objectives. The RISK: Factions game promises to challenge and captivate both new and veteran players in their quest for world domination.

Fans of the classic game will find familiar features in the RISK: Factions game, such as dice based combat, iconic maps, and the player turn sequence of reinforcing troops, attacking and fortifying territories. Re-imagined for the world of social gaming, the RISK: Factions game can be played several ways on Facebook: including dominating the world in single-player mode, claiming victory against Facebook friends in player-versus-player mode, and taking part in “friendly fire” against random gaming fanatics on Facebook. And with Leaderboards, players can see how their combat skills stack up against friends and other players around the world as they claim their rightful place at the top. Players can choose to engage as several kooky factions – including the Human faction, led by General William P. McGutterpants, an army of fearless Cats led by the honorable Generalissimo Meow, and a militia of brain-starved Zombies led by the cadaverous Colonel Stiffenberg – each with their own unique strengths, domination strategy, and quirky special weaponry. Additionally, players can customize and build their military base with training grounds to generate troops and factories to build weapons.

But it’s not all about battling enemies – it pays to have allies. Players can send gifts to friends, give comrade’s power boosts by visiting their base, and cooperate with friends to help complete or upgrade buildings on the base.

Under license from Hasbro, the RISK: Factions game can be played on Facebook at: http://apps.facebook.com/riskfactions.

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