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Coming Soon: Improvements to the Event System

Rivals Champions and Rivals Champions Blitz events allow players to test their skills, climb the leaderboard, and earn rewards. While there are differences between these events, they felt similar when playing. We want different events feel unique and special while letting players know what to expect when the event starts.

During March, we’ve been expanding and experimenting with new formats for our popular Blitz events. We want events to feel special, requiring different rules or rewarding unique prizes. We’re taking what we’ve learned in March to create specific event types each with their own rewards and rules. These updated events will be coming with Update 1.5.

Competitive Events

Rivals Champions

Rivals Champions is the place to compete and show off how good you are. We’re lowering the unit level caps for the leagues, so skill takes a larger role in determining the victor. With a total of 15 matches and the largest rewards going to those who win, be prepared to bring your A game from start to finish.

War Games

War Games is a new competitive event with a twist - we’re limiting the units that are available for all players who participate in that event. Before entering battle, you’ll select your best army based on the units available. With a restricted unit pool, your ingenuity and pre-game strategy will be important. Plus, you’ll know exactly what units and Commanders your opponents have access to!

Casual Event

Rivals Blitz

We also want to offer quick, fun events for a more casual experience. Unlike the competitive events, Rivals Blitz events are quick and fun, requiring only 5 battles to complete. The prizes are flatter than the competitive events and reward you with specific resources, such as Credits or Cloning Labs, so you can stock up on what need. With so few battles, you can decide how you want to play, climbing the ladder or targeting specific resources, to get the most out of Rivals. The reward type will vary, with a Credit Blitz one week and a Unit Blitz another, but you’ll always know what to expect when you join a Blitz!

Special Events

We want to continue testing new variations, to discover what events you enjoy playing. The rewards and structure will be fairly regular for Rivals Champions, War Games and Rivals Blitz events. With Update 1.5, we will be introducing special events, that allow us to experiment with different rules and rewards. We’ll work with you to figure out what you want to see, so be sure to let us know!

Reward Structur

The updated event structures aren’t the only changes coming in Update 1.5. We’re also adjusting how the reward structure works for all the events.

We’re simplifying how rewards are calculated. With points only be awarded for a win, continuing to use them isn’t needed. Now, you’ll earn rewards based on the number of wins during your run. When you see a number, you’ll know exactly how many wins you need to receive that prize.

Premium Reward Track

We’re introducing a way for you to collect even more resources from those perfect runs! All players will earn the base rewards from the Standard reward track once your run is complete. For some events there is a second Premium track that offers greatly increased rewards. You have the option to use Diamonds to upgrade to the Premium Track when you collect your prizes, allowing you to collect the rewards from both the Standard and Premium tracks.

We’re excited to introduce these changes to the event system with the next update and want to hear your thoughts. Please give us your feedback on Discord and Reddit to help us improve the game even further.

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