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Command and Conquer Rivals News

Welcome to Command & Conquer: Rivals!

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Today we welcome all players from across the world to join us in Command & Conquer™: Rivals! Read More

Update 1.2

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Introducing Rivals Champions and a new player level system in our newest update! Read More

New Unit Showcase: War Dogs & Widowmaker

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Tips, tricks and counters to master the newest units. Read More

Road to Worldwide Launch: Command & Conquer: Rivals Available Now in Canada

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Today, we’re excited to welcome all Android and iOS players from Canada to join us as we get ready to roll out to the entire world! Read More

Rivals Competitive Gaming is Here

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Today, EA announced a mobile game as its next official competitive gaming franchise, standing shoulder-to-shoulder alongside FIFA and Madden. Read More

New Unit Showcase: Chem Buggy & Drone Swarm

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Learn tricks to master Nod’s Chem Buggy and GDI’s Drone Swarm. Read More

Update 1.1

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Get ready to take your ranked PvP experience to the next level with our biggest update yet! Read More

New Unit Showcase: Shockwave Trooper & Tick Tank

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Tips and tricks for mastering two new units that are coming soon. Read More

Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

Command & Conquer: Rivals
We're adjusting the bounties and fuel systems to make each battle feel more valuable. Read More
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