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Introducing New Game Modes

Leagues. War Games. Credit Blitz. Whether you’re climbing the ladder or playing an event, the maps and units may be different but the game rules remain the same. We know that it can start to feel stale when matches play out the same way every time. In Update 1.7 we’re going to start introducing new game modes.

How They Work

This won’t be a new, permanent game mode. Instead, we’re designing a variety of different modes that we’ll introduce on a rotating basis. This will allow us to experiment with a variety of rulesets and see how they perform. Similar to events, each mode will only be available for a limited time with a maximum number of battles that you can play.

The new modes will be structured slightly differently than our current events in terms of entry and prizing. The first ‘run’ will be free, with each additional run costing a fixed amount of credits to reenter.

The standard and premium track will both be present in these new modes. The premium track will function very similarly in terms of rewards and price. The standard track’s rewards won’t be as significant as normal events due to the credit entry, the focus being on allowing all players to experience these awesome new modes!

We want these modes to offer a different experience compared to the standard ladder. These modes will be based off the classic gameplay rules that you’re used to but with a twist. From how many missiles it takes to destroy a base to your starting Tiberium or even unit cooldown timers, we want these modes to feel unique and exciting. 

Upcoming Modes

To start, we’re introducing two new modes. Full details for these modes will be included when these new modes are introduced, but see below for a preview of what to expect.


With only enough health to survive a single missile strike, can you make the most of your limited resources to quickly overtake your opponent in an all-out clash?

Unique aspects to Showdown: 

  • Only one missile strike to win
  • Limited Tiberium with no harvesters
  • No unit spawn cooldown timer

Iron Reign

When the Missile Rain begins to fall, how will be crowned the victor?

Unique aspects to Iron Reign:

  • Multiple missile strikes to win
  • Faster Tiberium generation
  • Faster unit spawn cooldown timers

This is only the first step. We want to work together with you to modify these modes and design more modes for the future. As we experiment, let us know on Discord, Reddit or the forums which ones you find fun and exciting and which could use some work. Your feedback is invaluable as we adjust and create new game modes, so please let us know what you think.

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