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Pre-Alpha Update Notes: New Units, Friends List and C&C Network

The latest Pre-Alpha update of Command & Conquer: Rivals introduces two new units a Friends List and a massive suite of features called the C&C Network, including a new social feed and match replays at all skill levels. Read on for the full breakdown ...

Friends List

Go beyond your alliance and add people to your Friends List through Facebook, Origin or directly in-game. You’ll be able to see friends’ progress and shared match replays via C&C Network. (More on that below.) And no, you can’t directly battle friends yet, but this is just the beginning of what we hope to do with your Friends List in Rivals; expect more to come in future updates.

C&C Network

C&C Network is the pulse of your Rivals gameplay experience. Consisting of an Activity Feed and C&C TV, this new feature set will keep you connected to your friends, your alliance members and the Rivals Community as a whole.

Activity Feed

When you have amazing moments and accomplishments in Rivals, we want you to be able to share them with anyone. From a crazy, hard-fought victory to unlocking new units to finally reaching the next Sector, we all enjoy sharing our accomplishments with friends. With your new Activity Feed, you can keep up to date on your friends and alliance members while sharing your own milestones. Plus, show your appreciation for friends’ hard work by liking the posts that you enjoy most!

Activity Feed

Your Activity Feed includes:

  • Reaching a new sector
  • Unlocking a new unit
  • Achieving a win streak
  • Your weekly Medal gains
  • Leveling up a unit to Level 6 or above
  • Leveling up your Player Level
  • Manually shared replays
  • Leaving or joining an alliance

Weekly Best

Want to know who is on fire with the highest win rate or the most medals earned each week? Your Activity Feed will track the Weekly Bests specifically for you, your friends and your alliance members — displaying Most Games Played, Longest Win Streak, Highest Win Rate (min. 5 games played) and Most Medals Earned. “Weekly Bests” updates in real-time, so you can see your progress as soon as a match ends, and everything resets to zero at the end of the week, giving everyone a fresh chance to have their name and accomplishment featured.


Sometimes, we all feel “stuck” — unsure of how to make sector progress or end a rough streak. C&C TV is a new resource where you can watch full match replays from players at your skill level and replays from the very best players in all of Rivals. Watch replays from players atop the Medals leaderboard to find new decks to play, learn new strategies and incorporate new match tactics. All it takes is introducing one new idea, tactic or unit into your own play for everything to shift for the better.

And when things are going well, watch C&C TV just for fun for some of the most entertaining and competitive Rivals matches out there. Filter by sector to find exactly the kinds of games you’re looking for — whether that’s top-tier play with prime meta decks or ways to counter army buildouts more common at your sector level. 

With the new Friends List and C&C Network, it just got a lot easier to find engaging content and share your achievements with friends. And if you haven’t read about the new Nod and GDI units yet, check ’em out now

Play the latest update now and tell us what you think of the new units and social features on Twitter and Discord.

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