Battlefield 3 Premium - Everything Premium Members Get This September



We are happy to present everything we have lined up for all of our Premium members this month! Read on for the full details.

We are happy to present everything we have lined up for all of our Battlefield 3 Premium members this month! Read on for the full details, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

1. Expansion Pack
What: The Battlefield 3: Armored Kill expansion pack.
Released: Sep 4 for PS3 Premium members / Sep 11 for Xbox 360 and PC Premium members
Where: Download it at no extra charge in the in-game store or from Origin/Battlelog.

2. Unique In-Game Content
What: 5 Premium exclusive Assignments tied to Armored Kill, each unlocking one Premium exclusive dog tags. On top of this, you get one additional Premium exclusive dog tag and 5 new Premium exclusive weapon camos.
Released: September 4 for all Premium members.
Where: Automatically available in-game when you have applied the latest multiplayer update.

3. Strategy Guide
What: Another great strategy guide from our friends at Prima. This one features a lot of info and playing tips on Armored Kill.
Released: Second half of September (Date TBA).
Where: Available to download (when released) on the Battlelog Strategy Guides section.


4. Premium Event #1
What: Double XP weekend.
When: September 15th-16th.
Where: Any ranked server, any ranked game mode.

5. Premium Event #2
What: To be announced
When: Second half of September (Date TBA)
Where: To be announced

6. Premium Video
What: A video presented exclusively to our Premium members (Contents will be announced later)
When: Second half of September
Where: Available to view (when released) on the Battlelog Videos section.

7. Bonus Content
This row in the Premium calendar is reserved for small bonus items outside of the game. None will be delivered in September (as the empty cell reveals).


We hope you enjoy this Premium content we have lined up for you in September! We will get back to you with more detail as we near the launch of each respective item.



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