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Addison396 talks through defensive tips and tricks when piloting a jet in Battlefield 4.

Addison396 talks through defensive tips and tricks when piloting a jet in Battlefield 4.

If you are just starting out in a jet, then consider flying with a first-person view as it will allow you to grasp controls and techniques much quicker. When moving into third-person, you will have an increased field of view which means you can see more of the map and enemy aircraft. This extended field of view also makes it more difficult for enemy pilots to evade you in a dogfight as you have a better understanding of their movements.

When it comes to your own countermeasures, there are plenty of options. The Fire Extinguisher can bring your aircraft back into functioning order once it has been disabled, essential for game modes like Air Superiority where you cannot leave your own aircraft. IR Flares are also handy at confusing enemy missiles and will result in 90% of fired missiles missing your aircraft. The downside of these flares however, is that after they have been deployed, active missiles can still re-acquire and attack your jet if they did not detonate quickly enough.

The ECM Jammer provides multiple defensive capabilities. It lasts longer than the IR Flares and also acts a visual distraction for enemies flying into the smoke. It also removes you from an enemy radar whilst active, which gives you a great opportunity to evade an enemy in a dogfight. The downside here is that missiles that aren't directly in-line with the ECM smoke can re-acquire you; much like the IR Flares.

Finally, players should consider their turning speed when flying to both turn and move at the most effective speed. The speed to aim for is roughly 315 as this gives you the tightest turning circle whilst still maintaining a steady pace.



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