Battlefield 4 Tips: Naval Strike Modes, Maps And Water-Based Combat



Guy Cocker shares his tactical tips for the intense and dramatic water-based combat you'll face in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike.

Guy Cocker shares his tactical tips for the intense and dramatic water-based combat you'll face in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike.

Destroying Aircraft Carrier's
Battlefield developer DICE has unveiled a trailer of gameplay footage that highlights some of the content coming our way in Naval Strike, and I’ve been pulling it apart to find out what to expect. The big thing to bear in mind is the brand new game mode included in this back, called Carrier Assault. The best way to describe it is as a mix of Conquest and Rush. It plays homage to Titan mode from Battlefield 2142 if you go that far back--both teams have an aircraft carrier, and the objective for to destroy the opposing team’s base.

The best way to do this is to first capture a couple of the various missile control sites around the map. By doing so, you periodically fire rockets into the enemy aircraft carrier, which will open up holes that your troops can board through. If you’re successful, you then have to blow up two MCOM stations aboard the carrier to fully destroy it.

Conquest And Rush Tactics
Carrier Assault is an interesting game type, because you have to incorporate tactics from both the Conquest and Rush game types. If you’re focussing on the tactical missile sites, then it’s similar to Conquest, so you’re going to want to move in fast using the new hovercrafts that have been added to the game, capture points and use weapons that are more medium-to-long range. When you attack the aircraft carrier, you’re going to need to use much more close-combat, Rush-style tactics.

If you’re looking to get some practise in, a good level to compare it to is Operation Locker, which has a lot of hallways and a lot of choke points. When you’re in those sort of situations, weapons like the shotguns, carbines and Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs) come into play. A fantastic carbine to use for any soldier class is the ACE 52 CQB, which is an unlock you can get relatively quickly using carbines - it’s about halfway down the unlock tree with a 37,000 unlock score. Its speciality as a carbine is that it puts out high damage, but has very little recoil, so it’s perfect for short range use. I think it will really suit Carrier Assault mode for this reason.

Previously I’ve mentioned the use of smoke grenades and flashbangs, and Carrier Assault mode is the exact scenario where you’re going to want to put these tactics into play. Think about close-range and high-rate-of-fire weapons, which is what the PDWs and the Carbines are there for. Two very good PDWs that are also very popular are the MP7 and AS Val, the latter of which also comes with a silencer pre-attached. If you’re fighting in close combat, you don’t want everyone knowing where you are. Do try and use a silencer where possible when attacking the Aircraft Carriers, because you’re likely to have a defending team barreling down on you as soon as you enter. Just bear in mind that the MP7 and AS Val are DLC unlocks though, so you’re going to need to be a Battlefield Premium member or buy them first.

Defending An Attack
On the flipside, if you’re defending your own aircraft carrier or control point, don’t forget about claymores and C4, and let the enemy come to you. If you’re defending, don’t be afraid to incorporate a little bit of the dirty C-word--camping. If you’re running around, you’re only going to give your enemy more opportunity to shoot you in the back, but if you know where they’re coming from, show a bit of patience and let them come to you. That way, you minimise the chance of them seeing you before you see them and you’ll get the first shots off and hopefully get the kill.

Other Naval Strike Goodies
Naval Strike will also be bringing some new tech to the field, including five new weapons and a couple of new gadgets. The big news is that the Engineer class is getting an Anti-Air Mine, so if an aircraft flies by, it automatically fires. We’ve obviously not been able to use this or any of the other weapons yet, but we’ll check them out as soon as they’re available and we’ll update you with more tactics soon.

That’s it for this week. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is available now for Premium members, feel free to let me know how you get on. Message me on Twitter at @guycocker with your tips, stories and other multiplayer intel and I’ll share the best of your feedback in a future update!



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