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Want to get a leg up on the competition? Well, luckily, we have your back. We spoke to Jonno Stanton, host of Battlefield Bootcamp, to find out the Top 10 tips for playing Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

Want to get a leg up on the competition? Well, luckily, we have your back. We spoke to Jonno Stanton, host of Battlefield Bootcamp, to find out the Top 10 tips for playing Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

1. Give the multiplayer test range a try
Seriously, whether you’re new to the Battlefield franchise or a grizzled vet, it’s well worth jumping into Battlefield’s brand new tutorial mode, which allows you to try out all of the game’s hardware. It’s the perfect place to learn how to fly a helicopter or a jet, without having to worry about other people trying to shoot you down, or a massive wait for a new vehicle to respawn if you crash.

2. Start out in Rush mode
A good Battlefield player will spend time familiarising themself with a new game, even if they’re familiar with previous entries in the series. If you want to learn the pace of BF4 and basic things like how the guns work, jump into Rush. In this mode, you and your team need to focus on attacking and controlling bases, so it’s always obvious where you need to go and how to be a part of the action.

3. Then move up into Obliteration mode
Obliteration mode is also easy to understand if you’re just starting out -- just head to the bomb and help your team either arm or diffuse it. Make sure you start using the vehicles in this mode, too. There are fewer vehicles to choose from compared to something like Conquest mode, but enough of them for you to get a feel for what they’re like in a real multiplayer game scenario.

4. Destructibility is back, and in a big way
Once you’ve spent a few rounds learning the basics of infantry and vehicular combat, you can start experimenting with some of the more advanced gameplay features of Battlefield 4. One of those is destructibility. "If anyone played Bad Company 2, then they’ll remember that destruction was a massive part of the game," says Jonno. "It plays a similarly big role in Battlefield 4, so if don’t be afraid to use explosives to knock down walls and get to the players you can’t reach otherwise," he advises.

5. Levolution!
If you’ve seen anything of Battlefield 4, then you’ll have inevitably encountered "Levolution", developer Dice’s term for the dynamic ways that the multiplayer maps can change during the course of the game. On the Flood Zone map, water will come in and change the whole level, meaning tanks will get wiped out and be replaced by boats. On the new version of Caspian Border, there’s a wall that splits the map in two, but which can be broken by collapsing a radio tower into it. When these events happen, make sure you’re communicating with your team to change your tactics accordingly.

6. Commander Mode
Like Levolution, Commander Mode is brand new for Battlefield 4. Once you reach level 10 in the game, you get to be a Commander, and you can opt to go into Commander Mode. You can do this either on the console or PC that you’re playing on, or by downloading an app to your tablet. As Commander, you can order your team where to go, and use UAVs, Tomahawk Missiles and AC-130s to help them out.

7. Don’t forget single player mode
Like Battlefield 3, you can earn unlocks for the multiplayer game by playing through the single player campaign. You can find dog tags to equip your soldier with, but the real reward is unlocking weapons such as the M412 Rex pistol, Machete knife and M249 light machine gun by playing through the single player game. The rewards also vary depending on the choices you make in the single player--we won’t say any more than that in case of spoilers, but it could be worth playing through a couple of times.

8. Take time to experiment with equipment
There’s loads more equipment available to you in Battlefield 4 than there was in the previous game. The engineer, for example, now has access to loads of different rocket launchers, included guided models such as the FGM-172 SRAW. As Jonno notes, developer Dice has introduced ways for everyone to have their own playstyle, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and find out what’s best for you.

9. Check out Obliteration mode
Our final tip is to check out Battlefield’s newest multiplayer mode, Obliteration. “Obliteration mode is incredible, it’s going to be big,” says Jonno. As the title suggests, the name of the game is destruction. You have to take down high-value targets placed around each map in order to secure victory for your team. It’s great fun, so be sure to check it out!

And finally...
We hope you enjoyed this update from The Bunker and that you’re enjoying Battlefield 4. If you’re not already, make sure you watch Bootcamp on EA Vision, and subscribe to the Battlefield playlist for more tips and features on Battlefield 4 as they become available.



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