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South Korean EA Game Changer “Core of Idea” talks Battlefield V

An interview with Tae Jun Kim discussing gaming culture in Korea and his thoughts on Battlefield V.

Community Spotlight

We sat down with long time Battlefield fan Tae Jun Kim, also known as “Core of Idea”, to hear his thoughts on Battlefield V and to gain some insight into the gaming culture in South Korea. 

What or who inspired you to start streaming and creating content?

There’s no one who actually inspired me to create content, but there are people whom I’ve learned from. One of them is Black Bindi, a Korean game reviewer, who became famous for his hilarious ‘Half-Life 2’ gameplay video. Back then, gaming content was not a thing in Korea, however, since he posted that video, a lot of people started to create fun gameplay videos.

And I cannot forget Jackfrags and Levelcap. Most of my contents’ style and narrative were inspired by them and they are the ones who inspired me to create Battlefield content.

What are your earliest memories of gaming?

During my primary school days, most of my friends and I were playing Korean F2P online games. However, I had a chance to play GTA 2 and Call of Duty World at War at my cousin’s place. Since then, I started to look for and play AAA video games which are way more polished and provide great experiences.

Tae Jun Kim at Australia Battlefield V event with Eric Holmes, Battlefield V Design Director

Which Battlefield game was your first, and what was your experience like?

My first Battlefield game was Bad Company 2. But at the time, the Battlefield franchise was not really popular in Korea and I did not even know Bad Company 2 was one of them.

After watching the trailer of Battlefield 3 that somehow made me want to study and look into the whole franchise and I was genuinely excited for that game. After the release, everything was perfect. I loved that game, and I’ve been playing Battlefield for 8 years since then.

You are part of the Battlefield Game Changers program. What is your most memorable moment of being a Game Changer so far?

Definitely EA Play. There I met a lot of famous Game Changers I look up to and am inspired by. Also I felt very privileged by the fact that I could play my favorite game ahead of everyone. June last year was my most precious experience for a new guy of GCN.

After that, Gamescom, the Battlefield V launch event, and even Anthem, I don’t even know how to explain how excited I was.

Can you tell us what the gaming culture is like in South Korea?

There’s a unique internet café culture which is called PC-Bang (translated to PC-Rooms). It is totally different from other countries’ ‘Internet Cafes’ or ‘PC Cafés’. We use this place only to play games. There are hundreds of high-spec PCs and we can order diverse beverages and dishes. Mostly students go there after school. Even for me, it was my jam to play games with my friends at ‘PC bang’ in my school life. But even though Koreans are really close to playing games like this, people play only a few popular games like ‘League of Legend’, ‘PUBG’, and other Korean F2P Online games. Koreans are yet to play Console games and Packaged games as the main game.

Tae Jun Kim in Germany for Gamescom 2018

What are you enjoying the most in Battlefield V?

Gunplay. As I played Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield Hardline, I’ve forgotten there was a Gunplay system. But I’ve come to recognize it as I played Battlefield V. Usually, I enjoy the Vehicles, but I like to play as an infantry more. At this point, the new Gunplay system is a really important role in enjoying the game. First of all, there is no stress about randomness and luckiness about aiming as the bullet follows as I aim. Secondly, users are required to have some skills regarding recoil management, and I like that.

Tae Jun Kim at the Creator Hub at EA Play 2018 playing Battlefield V for the first time

Do you have any gameplay tips for new Battlefield players?

For Battlefield series starters, the most difficult is to understand how the game works at first. Even for me, I didn’t know what I should do when I started playing Battlefield 3. The most basic thing is to achieve the goal to make the team win. If it is ‘Conquest’, occupy the flags. And if it is ‘Breakthrough’, you must set the priority to occupy the sectors. Certainly, supplying the bullets and killing the enemies is important as well. But what I said above is the most effective and a shortcut for knowing how the game works. As you walk around the space between the bases, you can get to know which place is safe and where the enemies come out. It can make you know how to deal with guns and effective team play.


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