Find out who will be your eyes and ears at GamesCom 2011 with EA!



It’s that time of the year again where we invite our community to take part in the fun that is GamesCom.

It’s that time of the year again where we invite our community to take part in the fun that is GamesCom.

We can’t take everyone so we have hand picked six guys that will share their experiences with you. They will be your eyes and ears on the ground with EA so if you have a burning Battlefield 3 question or an intergalactic Mass Effect 3 question then these are the guys that will be able to get the answers for you!

They will be interviewing the producers & development team who have taken time out to exclusively talk to us about upcoming games – so if you would like a specific questions answered get involved and send it to us.

Questions can be submitted direct to the guys (details below) on:



- subject matter: Question for GamesCom 2011
or you can join our EA UK Forum Community and post your question there.

Each day we’ll be posting a daily blog from each of the team where you can read what they get up to and previews of all the upcoming games. We will be posting these as blogs across our official sites; Battlefield 3 , Need for Speed, Mass Effect 3 and of course our very own

We will also be giving away lots of cool prizes from Origin and beyond so make sure you are following us to take part!

Dan aka @EA_ActionMan.

Richard Burley
Richard "Rax / Raxous" Burley has been gaming since 1984, when he spent far more time than is healthy for a young lad on his Atari 2600. Proud to still be playing Wizard of Wor, his favourite game of all time, he also still regularly works in his Game & Watch bottling plant and enjoys a good Gauntlet II session on his trusty old NES, despite often needing food badly. With no one platform or genre as a favourite he has fond memories of many classics through the years, far too many to bore you with here, but suffice to say he is just as likely to be found running around in his beloved red beret in Battlefield Bad Company 2 or building dispensers in Team Fortress 2, mulling dialog options or character progression in Dragon Age or Mass Effect, with his pedal to the floor in Shift 2 or Carmageddon (yes, still), marshaling his armies in Comand & Conquer or Total Annihilation (yes, also still) or chatting lazily in Guild Wars or LOTRO. In a foolish attempt to "give back" he tries to find time to write about all things gaming and evangelise, to anyone who will listen, about how awesome gaming is. Really it is very awesome... seriously... let me show you this amazing demo I've just downloaded...@raxous


Jon Brady
Jon is a long-term writer and editor for and one prong on the trident that is the Sarcastic Gamer UK podcast. He's currently finishing off a book on the Global Game Jam in which he goes berserk and makes his living working in a toy shop. As a rhythm game connoisseur, his favourite EA game is Rock Band 3, and he sang for 24 hours in a Harmonix-backed marathon last year for charity. You can find him on Twitter as @yamstersg.


Joe Dale
Never quite know what to say when I am asked to write about myself…I mean, isn’t that why I write about other things? Who am I kidding?! I could write about myself all day long!

I’m Joe Dale, 24, currently living in Swindon, UK. By day I am an internet marketing executive and by night I am a football manager, football fan, wrestling addict and, of course, a gamer. My current weapons of choice are PS3 and Xbox 360, having never been a massive PC gamer due to the cost of constantly updating the things. I’ve been with for six months and it was there that I got my break in writing. Reading articles by the other writers on the site has helped me to find fantastic games that I would never have dreamed of playing had it not been for their well-written and passionate words.

I’m counting down the days to GamesCom 2011; not only will I be able to get hands on with some of the most eagerly anticipated EA titles, I’ll be able to bring you, the EA community, up to date news and previews as well as hopefully make you feel like you are there with me. The titles I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on are Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

I will be attending GamesCom as your eyes and ears, so send any questions and views to me on twitter @joeydale13.


Thomas Wallis
Tom began gaming at an early age and like so many others it has become his primary hobby. He started writing about games a little over two year ago and very quickly shifted up through the ranks over at He is now the Editor-in-Chief of the site, which is going from strength to strength. Tom also hosts the podcast every week, so subscribe in iTunes if you wonder what his voice sounds like. Tom's work last year at Gamescom, coupled with demand from the community has forced our hand and we've invited him back - primarily because he has an astounding ability to function with very little sleep each night. Check out Tom's coverage of last year's convention, read his work over at or follow him on Twitter, just look for @ClacTom. Tom's starsign is Aquarius.


Adam Freeman
Gaming can be a pastime, a sport, a pioneer in entertainment, and a social glue, tougher than diamond. For me, it’s all of that and so much more. Since joining the team at I’ve been able to expand my passion and become a part of the great machine, rather than just standing back and admiring it for all its glory. I’ve had the joy of previewing early code, reviewing the most anticipated and surprising of titles, interviewed game developers, and have become a part of an incredible community of gamers and like minded writers. I’m thrilled to be joining with EA at GamesCom in Cologne this year, and excited to sink my teeth into their high profile releases such as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Battlefield 3, but am most excited to bring to light the games that we don’t yet know enough about. You can follow me on Twitter @PartWelsh.


Mat Jones
Your parents were right. Video Games will never get you a job, that’s why I’ve focused so much time and energy trying. I’m a bit of an idiot.

I study journalism. In my spare time I mainly write silly stuff for, but I also put together comparatively hyper-serious words and podcasts for (You’re correct, the website could use a redesign).

If I’m not doing either of those then I use @pillowfort as performance art; the theme is “being weird”.
 If I had to pick, which I do, this part is mandatory, I’d say that SSX3 is my favourite EA game. Oh, and they should bring back FIFA Street. Those were also pretty good!


If you want to know what we reported on last year you can do so by looking at our GamesCom 2010 news.



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