UPDATE : The Sims and EA SPORTS UK Team at GamesCom 2011



With GamesCom 2011 just around the corner the EA UK Community Team will be hunting down all the latest news for you on your favourite games.

With GamesCom 2011 just around the corner the EA UK Community Team will be hunting down all the latest news for you on your favourite games.

UPDATE: See below to find out about our winners.

In addition to @EA_ActionMan and his rag tag army of reporters, if you’re a fan of the The Sims or EA SPORTS, we’d love you to get involved!
Check out our SSX and The Sims Reporter Competition here, where you could win a trip to GamesCom with us to report on The Sims, SSX and other EA Play and EA SPORTS titles.
All you have to do is explain to us why you’re such a big Sims or SSX fan, and persuade us why you should represent The Sims or EA SPORTS Community in the UK at GamesCom. You can enter with a written entry or with a short video. No interpretative dance videos please – as big a fan as we are of a variety of creative expression, these or anything else sadly won’t be considered. You’ve got until the end of today, Tuesday (the 9th of August) to get your entries in, so don’t delay as time is running out!
One lucky winner for The Sims and one for SSX/EA SPORTS will be picked to fly over to Germany with us to ask your questions and share their experiences with you. We’ve set up exclusive behind the scenes access to The Sims and EA SPORTS games, along with interviews with the people behind the games and (of course!) a whole heap of time to play them.
Take a look below to meet the team as the competition winners are announced. Questions can be submitted direct to our intrepid adventurers or I (details below as they are confirmed!) on:
Email - subject matter: SSX/The Sims (delete as applicable) Question for GamesCom 2011
EA UK Forum Community – why not sign up and join the discussion?
Each day we’ll be posting Tweets, Facebook updates, pictures from the show floor and a daily blog at the end of the day from each of the team. See what they think, discover what’s going on and let us bring GamesCom to you! Needless to say, we’ll also be sharing the news about your favourite games across our EA official sites, Twitter and Sims and EA SPORTS Facebook Pages.
Rumours of exciting prizes are also rumbling around – whether its games, downloadable games codes from our friends at Origin or exclusive merchandise, make sure you’re following the action on a channel of your choice so you don’t miss out!
Vielen Dank und sehen sie in Koln!
Craig (aka SimGuruShouren by day, @EA_Shouren by night..)
The Sims and EA SPORTS - Meet The Team!
Heather Evens
My name's Heather, I work as a web developer, I'm 21, and only one of those three statements is a lie. When I'm not ridding the world of tasteless websites, or indeed adding to the problem, I spend large chunks of time controlling the lives of imaginary people on my computer. Yep, I'm a Sims addict... erm, player.
Ok, so maybe I'm not the most hardcore gamer in the world, but I adore my Xbox, so you're just as likely to find me playing Dragon Age, Portal 2, or Mass Effect. Obviously as a huge Sims fan, I'm particularly looking forward to checking out The Sims 3 Pets, and The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles. But I'm also really looking forward to finding out more about Mass Effect 3, SSX, and Battlefield 3.
If you're looking for me on the web, the best place to look is Platinum Simmers, which is a brand new Sims fan site set up by myself and a few good friends. Or you could always try my Twitter, where I go by the name of @BlackGarden

Diane was raised by a secretive group of Tibetan Monks whose sole purpose in life was to perfect their martial arts skills. For many years Diane followed this path and became a favorite student of the Grand Master.

However, that all changed when one day she confiscated a gaming console from a small orphan child in a nearby village (he really didn't deserve it). As soon as she turned the console on, she was hooked, much to the disappointment of the Grand Master. Diane shunned her training at every opportunity and before long faced being cast out of the monastary.

Diane was able to make ammends and prove her worth amongst the Monks when she was called upon by the Grand Master for a mission of the utmost importance. He had been playing The Sims and his Sim had just been visited by the Social Bunny. Being a Monk that lived in relative seclusion, he had no social skills to speak of. But Diane sat with him, explained the importance of socialising with the other Sims and guided him through this tumultuous time.

Soon after, and with the blessing of the Grand Master, Diane left the monastary to spread her love of video games around the world. During the day, she can be found running GirlGamersUK. At night, she may be spotted flitting around the internet, helping small children find that last legendary Pokemon or showing gamers what a 200 floor Tiny Tower looks like.

As for the Monks - They still exsist. But they now spend their time perfecting their gaming skills rather than martial arts and have an ongoing pre-order deal with a major retail chain for all of the biggest releases.

Phillipe Bosher
Hi there! My name’s Phillipe Bosher, I’m an 18 year old student from London, and I’m going to be your guide for SSX at Gamescom 2011.

The SSX series has always had a special place in my heart. Released at a time when I was just beginning to make sense of the world, SSX Tricky was a game that showed me just how fun video gaming could be. With its beautiful graphics, vivid scenery and absolutely-ridiculous hidden shortcuts, it was one of the first games to truly cement my love for the medium. And, thanks to Run DMC’s ‘It’s Tricky’ on the soundtrack, it also showed just how cool 80s music could be.

That was 10 years ago, however. Today... well, not much has changed! I still love 80s music, and I'd still class myself as a ‘core’ gamer. Having played the majority of major releases within the last ten years, and having written for Game Rant  for most of 2010 and early 2011, it’s fair to say my love for video games hasn’t waned. Thanks to Game Rant, I was able to meet some fantastic personalities within the industry, and truly indulge my passion for our wonderful art form.

My biggest love, however, comes from interviewing the people who make the games we love. That’s where you come in! If you have any questions for the SSX Team, send them to me on twitter at @pabosher or via email at ssxgamescom2011@gmail.com -- Thanks, and I look forward to making your SSX GamesCom coverage the best it can be!

If you want to know what we reported on last year you can do so by looking at our GamesCom 2010 news.



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