EA Joins the OpenAI Universe Initiative

EA’s Frostbite Labs team is partnering with OpenAI, an organization committed to making advancements in artificial intelligence.

By Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President, Electronic Arts 

Every day, our teams across Electronic Arts are exploring new ways to push the boundaries of games.  From our Frostbite Labs team, to our Frostbite Engine, to EA Digital Platform and our development teams, we are constantly seeking to pioneer extraordinary new experiences that will inspire the world to play.

We also know that great innovation often comes from collaboration.  And today, I’m pleased to have our Frostbite Labs team joining in partnership with OpenAI, an organization committed to advancements in artificial intelligence that will make a positive global impact.

In OpenAI’s new software platform called Universe, the research community will have the opportunity to challenge self-learning AI agents to try to automatically learn to play EA games such as Mirror's Edge™, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2™ and Peggle™.  The learnings we can take as a technology community from this work will help to fuel new concepts in gameplay, services and game development.

Every day, data from our live services helps to power updates and improvements to our games.  Dynamic content, meaningful recommendations, and digital economies that are safe, secure and fun all help players stay engaged with their favorite games for longer.  Yet we are really just seeing the tip of the iceberg for the impact that advanced technologies can have on the games we play. 

New types of artificial intelligence and deep learning, including learnings from the OpenAI collaboration, are taking us deeper into amazing areas of innovation.  Imagine new experiences in our games, fueled by rich, dynamic and adaptive game AI.  Or for us as game makers, opportunities to create efficiencies in the development of our games and game environments.  The potential of all of this work to extend creativity is super exciting, allowing us to both perfect experiences for our players and enable completely new ones.

I’m thrilled for EA to play a role in the future of AI research, both through our collaboration with OpenAI as well as our continued research and development at EA. These initiatives are helping to write the future of games and entertainment, and I can't wait to see where we can take it.

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