FIFA 13 Tactical Tips - Defending Against Opponents



Learn more about which teams to use in Seasons Mode for FIFA 13 that may give you the edge online including RSC Anderlecht, FC Anzhi Makhachkala, Olympique de Marseille and Udinese.

To defend against pace make sure you don't pull your centre backs out of position. Never contain or secondary contain with them. Reduce space behind your defence by setting up a custom tactic, lowering pressure and setting your defence to cover.

Have counter attack in your quick tactics so you can attack on the break if your opponent has pushed their players forward. To defend against passing players, don't bother pressing the ball if your opponent is passing it around in their own half. Let them do it and keep your shape. Use RB to secondary contain the player on the ball and move your selected player into position to cover a pass or run.

Use the radar to see where spaces are opening up and fill those gaps! To defend against technical players, make sure you don't dive in - that's what they want you to do! Stand your ground and let the game tackle for you.

Goad your opponent into doing a skill move, then tackle them when the opportunity arises. Remind yourself that you're playing against a skiller! They are far more likely to try a spectacular goal than a simple tap in. Expect this and change your game accordingly.

Next week on The Boot Room, FIFA 13 Tactical Tips on making sure you make the most out of scoring opportunities.

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