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Darren Cross from Match Magazine talks through game-play improvements he used to win a recent match in FIFA 14.

Darren Cross from Match Magazine talks through game-play improvements he used to win a recent match in FIFA 14.

Darren's first goal from a corner came about a simple tactical change. An in-swinging corner meant the ball would land closer to the goal, so a player was chosen with the correct foot to curl a ball in and give a better chance of scoring. There would have been a better chance to defend the corner if a defensive layer had been selected via the right stick. This would allow for a quicker change of player which meant Matt could have reached the attacking player quicker and therefore may have prevented the goal.

A simple yet effective through ball can really open up a team as Matt showed. Identifying a strikers run early allows more time to react, especially with the improved teammate intelligence which means players are more likely to provide attacking options. Knowing to use sprint in this situation may have been the difference between a goal and a lost chance. Holding down sprint when there is enough space meant Darren's defender could not catch up and make a vital interception or pull and hold the striker. Using pull and hold occasionally can help prevent an attacker from out-pacing a defence, but use it too often and the referee will likely show a card.

Scoring doesn't always require fancy skills; it can be as simple as changing direction. Darren used his players body shape to deceive Matt and make him think that he was going to go in one direction but instead produced a reverse pass to an unmarked player which created the space for an opportunity. Simple tactics such as this can alter the opposing teams shape and mean that you may get more chances over the course of a game. Keeping your player between the ball and your opponent, for example, makes it that bit easier to keep possession; especially when using LT to protect the ball.

Knowing what you players can do means you can plan ahead. Darren was aware that his striker has the stats to score from range, so tricked Matt into thinking he would go further forward which in turn meant Matt backed off. This created space, allowing Darren to adjust to his player's stronger foot and have an attempt; an attempt which paid off. Darren was also aware of which players could use the Turn and Spin skill move, meaning that he could use this effectively to elude players and create more goal-scoring opportunities.

Join Matt and Darren next time on The Boot Room when they will be discussing the broad topic of dribbling.



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