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Find out who are the leading FIFA 14 goal scorers playing in France right now.

Throughout the Holidays, we brought you details on the Top Transferred players in FIFA Ultimate Team. Continuing our look at How the World Plays FIFA, we’re checking out the top scoring players in various leagues across Europe. Could they help your squad?

Today, we look at the Top 10 goal scorers from France’s Ligue 1 in FIFA 14.

#10. Mathieu Valbuena (France) – Olympique de Marseille – CAM

The long-serving Valbuena has been scoring goals for his club since 2006. Part of the reason he’s such a great goalscorer is his abundant skills with the ball, including 86 Ball Control and 82 Curve. He’s also fast, thanks to his 92 Acceleration and 91 Agility, which allows him to outpace the defence.

#9. Blaise Matuidi (France) – Paris Saint-Germain – CDM

Already featured in our Top Ten Transferred Midfielders, Matuidi doesn’t necessarily have high ratings in the shot department, but his 81 Jumping makes him a serious threat in the air.

#8. Alexandre Lacazette (France) – Olympique Lyonnais – ST

At only 22 years of age, Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette has plenty of potential. In FIFA 14, his physical strengths include 86s in Acceleration and Sprint Speed and 81s in Agility and Balance. If Lacazette can outrun the defence, a goal should quickly follow.

#7. Bafétimbi Gomis (France) – Olympique Lyonnais – ST

Lacazette’s teammate at Lyon is Bafétimbi Gomis, who has a strong shot and 86 Shot Power. He’s also solid with 83 Volleys and 82 Finishing. Gomis could be your fox-in-the-box.

#6. Jérémy Ménez (France) – Paris Saint-Germain – ST

The 26 year-old Ménezcan not only score but also set-up teammates. He possesses an 85 Ball Control in addition to an incredible 88 Dribbling and 81 Short Passing. Ménez is a physical player with 88 Agility, 87 Acceleration and 86 Sprint Speed.

#5. Lucas (Brazil) – Paris Saint-Germain – RM

Since joining the Paris club in January of 2013, Lucas has been slowly making his mark in Europe. He’s dangerous in FIFA 14 in large part to his fantastic physical attributes. The 21 year-old is highlighted by 94s in Acceleration and Agility, 91 Sprint Speed and 89 Dribbling. His 4* Skill Moves are complimented by his 85 Long Shots, 84s in Ball Control and Balance, and 81s in Short Passing, Shot Power, Reactions and Positioning.

#4. Ezequiel Lavezzi (Argentina) – Paris Saint-Germain – LW

The Left Winger Lavezzi is another physical player that any club would love to have controlling one side of the pitch. 94 Agility, 92 Balance, 89 Acceleration and 87 Sprint Speed are ratings that excite managers. His talents don’t end there -  88 Ball control, 87 Dribbling, 85 Reactions and 83 Shot Power make it difficult to take the ball away from him and part of the reason why he’s scoring so many goals in FIFA 14.

#3. Radamel Falcao (Colombia) – AS Monaco – ST

There is no question why the South American Cover Athlete is so high on this list. The AS Monaco striker is one of the best with his head thanks to his 95 Heading Accuracy, 94 Positioning and 93 Jumping. He’s also a beast in regular play with 94 Finishing, 93 Volleys, 85 Ball Control, 85 Agility and 80 Acceleration. And if you need someone from the penalty spot, his 87 Penalties makes him a sure thing.

#2. Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) – Paris Saint-Germain – ST

Physical attributes have been the dominating factor on this list and Edinson Cavani is no different. He commands the pitch thanks to a number of fantastic traits including 94 Stamina, 92 Jumping and 90s in Finishing and Positioning. But he also can score goals thanks to his skills including 86s in Sprint Speed and Aggression, 85s in Heading Accuracy and Shot Power and 84 Ball Control. When you need a reliable goal-scorer, Cavani will not disappoint.

#1. Zlatan Ibrahimović (Sweden) – Paris Saint-Germain - ST

No surprise here: the highest scoring Ligue 1 player is Ibra. The popular Swede is one of the best players in the world and possesses some of the strongest skills you can find in FIFA 14. He stands out thanks to 93s in Shot Power and Strength, but he also scares defenses with 91s in Penalties and Finishing, 89 Volleys, 88 Dribblings, 86s in Long Shots Short Passing and Agility, and 84s in Aggression and Vision. Ibra is the kind of player a manager dreams about coaching, one who can give the opposing side nightmares!

See why Ibra tops this list.


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